Крышка разв. Т-обр. плавн. тип Г01 ESCA 100мм IEK

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Non-perforated rolled trays are included in metal cable carrying systems of IEK Group of Companies. They are designed for laying and protection of power and low-voltage cables up to 1000V. When used in conjunction with the cover they provide maximum protection of the cable from external influences, dust and moisture. Depending on type the trays can be used both in public, industrial buildings, structures and retail facilities, outdoors under a canopy, outdoors, as well as in areas with high humidity.
IEK non-perforated rolled trays are made of coiled cold-rolled steel galvanized by means of conveyor method or by immersion of finished products into the zinc melt.
The IEK rolled tray system consists of straight elements and accessories designed to change the direction of the route, as well as covers and connecting elements of different sizes.
The product complies with IEC 61537 for safety requirements.